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Indian Textiles

Indian textile tradition is the world’s oldest textile tradition. The origin of indian textile can be traced back to the days of indus valley civilisation. The fragments of cotton material originating from gujarat found in the egyptian tombs support that discovery. There are occasional comments about the textile craft in most of the ancient indian writings as well. Indian textile was also exported to various countries since time immemorial. The history of vijayanagar empire (ad 1504), one of india’s celebrated dynasties emphasize that textile was an important trade. Indian geography, climate, social customs, availability of the raw material etc defines the art of indian textile.

Manufactured and exported to various countries, indian textile has found a place in the global market. In an extensive range, variety and the textile products are offered, at economic prices. The contemporary Indian textile not only reflects the splendid past but also cater to the requirements of the modern times. The rich tradition of textile in India has been favored by a number of factors. The favorable factors leading to the extensive growth of textile tradition in India follows.

Textile can also make delicate crafts using various fabrics as basic material. The textile crafts ranges from dress making to embroidery, knitting etc. these crafts are basically undertaken a taste for fashion and/or producing various items such as clothing, furnishing, works of art etc. Clothes can make extremely elegant crafts by the keen craftsmen and using different techniques. The modern techniques of textile crafts include crochet and lace making, patchwork, and run making, spinning and weaving, tapestry, batik and tie dyeing.

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